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Announcement websites are suitable for organizations which primarily need a presence on the Internet as a marketing, information or contact tool, their on-line shop fronts, so to speak.

Our designs give a professional look and have an easily navigable structures.

Every site is created using a Content Management System (CMS), enabling the owner to update the details of the site, without the expense of hiring a developer, although of course, we can do this too, as part of the service agreement.

We don't set rigid constraints on the website facilities, we find that other hosting companies just use those to drive up the cost of the package once the customer has signed up. We give greater flexibility with a single, simple cost:

  • As much Web Space as you require to host the pages you want.
  • As many IMAP or POP Mail Boxes as you need for your staff.
  • Easily updated news and events calendars.
  • Third party information feeds (RSS).
  • Customizable pages for campaigns, announcements, contact details, etc.

The cost is approximately £150-£300 - we can give you a much more precise quote when we know your exact needs. For example, if you need us to build a large photograph gallery, it will take us mre time.

Examples of this type of website are

  • Pb Proofing - a small specialist Lead and Zinc roofing company.
  • Heathrow Horseboxes - a company making horse transportation and offering coach-building and paint spraying.