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Once an organization has established itself on the Internet for a while, with something like an Announcement style website, the next step is to expand.

It might simply be that some feedback is required from the visitors to the website through an on-line , or it might be necessary to restrict access to some information to known subscribers or. If the organization has provides mail order goods or a service which needs a booking, they it will need an on-line shopping or reservations systems.

EveriWare uses advanced open source Content Management Systems in order to keep costs low and implementation times fast. The Business range of websites have facilities such as:

  • User login and restricted subscriber-only areas.
  • Newsletter production
  • On-line forms
  • Full e-commerce systems, with facilities for secure credit card payments.
  • Event calendars and booking facilities

The cost is £500-£3000 (a wide range is due to the number of different options which are available), resulting in a site of approximately 20 to 50 Pages, plus the pages of any installed web application, such as an on-line shop.

Examples of this type of site are