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Hosting Technical Data

Standard Configuration

We run the latest stable Ubuntu Linux, with Apache 2 as the web server, Postfix for email transport and Courier for IMAP and POP mail access. Please contact us if you wish to see a full description of the configuration.

Server Virtualization enables us to offer a service balanced between your budget limitiations and your performance requirements. As your usage grows, so more resources can be dedicated to you, enabling a trouble free upgrade path.

In the unlikely events of a physical server failing, the virtual host can be transferred easily to a different machine ensuring minimum down-time.

Backup Cycle

Although the RAID arrays used by our servers mean that it is highly unlikely that data will be lost by a disk corruption, we run a 4 hourly "on the fly" backup, with daily, weekly and monthly retention cycles. It is possible for us to reinstate a whole host service, or select an individual file for restore.

Your data is safe on our servers

Virtual Servers

The specification or our servers varies according to your needs, but a typical host look something like this:

  • Single or dual Xeon CPUs at around 3GHz
  • 4Gb to 6Gb of RAM
  • Dual SATA disks in RAID arrays
  • 10Gb-60GB disk space

Our Data Centre

Our docklands data centre has all the facilities would expect to guarantee the security and robustness of your service:

  • Backup power supply (UPS)
  • Regular file backup
  • World class network routes to the Internet
  • 100Gb transfer
  • Secure facility with 24/7 physical access if required
  • VESDA fire protection

Bundled Software

Our servers have all the software to suit the most popular and demanding Web 2.0 applications pre-installed::

  • Multiple email accounts
  • FTP Access
  • Full SSH administration
  • All popular dynamic languages: PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python
  • MySQL databases
  • Control panel options