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Internet Access

PhoneCoop Through our membership of the Phone coop, we can supply Internet connections separately or bundled with our hosting services. We would always recommend a broadband connection, but our customers can choose between an ADSL connection and an 0845 dial-up service - with no monthly charges or hidden fees

ADSL Broadband

Our broadband connections 8Mb per second, with options to reduce charges by selecting download limits, from 5GB to 50GB a month and unlike many service providers we provide a fixed IP address with all packages.

ISDN2 - up to eight digital lines connecting your office

For the growing business, ISDN2 is the perfect solution. A single ISDN2 line will support eight devices, and let you make two calls at once, or add a phone system to handle all the calling requirements of an office of up to fifteen people.

Bond four ISDN2 lines together, and on one number you'll be able to make up to eight calls at once and connect as many devices as your phone system can handle. With Direct Dial-in numbers, you won't need a switchboard, as every phone can have its own full land-line number so that it can be called directly from anywhere.

Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

Unlike normal broadband, SDSL provides upload speeds equal to the download speed. A 2Mbps SDSL connection provides 2Mbps download AND 2Mbps upload.

SDSL connectivity provides a more resilient, more reliable internet connection for hosting public servers, inter-site VoIP, terminal services, mission-critical operations or simply to cater for a large number of staff.

The connection is provided from your local telephone exchange with maximum speeds determined by the distance between your premises and the exchange. SDSL can be provided as a 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps service.

We provide SDSL with 2 contention ratios, either 10:1 (over BT Openreach network) or at 1:1 (via. an LLU provider and only available in major conurbations).

Extend your reach with a leased line

If your organisation needs greater flexibility, security, and reliability from its data connections than DSL offers, then a leased line, Ethernet circuit, or LAN extension service provides an always-on connection between two locations. Typically these are a head and remote office, and the line is used to extend the local network, so both locations can share data, or use VoIP for inter-office calls.

Your office can also be connected directly to an ISP for high-speed, dedicated internet access – especially useful if you need to upload or download large amounts of data on a regular basis.


The benefits of Broadband

  • Speeds of up to 8Mb
  • fixed IP address.
  • low monthly cost.
  • can be separate or bundled with normal line rental.


The benefits of SDSL

  • SLA of 99.85%.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring.
  • Wires Only or Fully Managed.
  • Multiple fixed IPs.

Leased Lines

The benefits of a leased line

  • Guaranteed uncontended circuit (1:1).
  • Guaranteed bandwidth.
  • SLA of 99.95%.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring.
  • Fully managed Cisco router provided.