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Products and Services

EveriWare is the web solutions arm of the 4XTRA Alliance The EveriWare managed series of web sites provides a complete solution for all sizes of business.

We design, install, maintain and backup web based applications which meet your business needs. Our pricing plans are kept deliberately as simple as possible, just like this site itself. All tools must do their job properly and the hosting of a web site is a precision tool for the business that owns it.

A Swiss Army Knife is a fine tool, but do you want a surgeon to use one?

When it comes to web sites, we provide scalpels, not pocket knives.

Pricing Plans

These plans are for the creation of a new web site and include hosting for the first 12 months. Renewal for following years can be as low as £52 per year, just £1 per week, depending on the features selected. By deploying Open Source software there are no licences fees to pay. Our charges are purely for our work on the published website. The figures given on this page are approximate, the exact cost which depend on your requirements, but we will give you a firm quotation before commencing any work and will not charge for any hidden extras.

  • EveriWare Announcement - fully featured websites.
  • EveriWare Business - suitable for news portals, e-commerce and reservation systems..
  • EveriWare Collaboration - web based applications to share data between many users and sites.